Breionna Myles Breionna Myles

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As a graphic designer over the past five years I have achieved my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago. I have self-taught myself the art of black and white photography and wedding photography. Currently in pursuit of my graduate’s degree in Web Design & New Media, where not only will l enhanced my creative skillset to become an more efficient Brand Specialist, but I will have the knowledge of a Full Stack Developer to bring local brands up to speed with the latest technology to drive sales via e-commerce, create a stronger brand presence via social media, and develop unique and fun ways to market globally.

Outside of striving for success, I love to go on nature walks, and take pictures to discover a new perspective and meaning of life. I have gained this inspiration from the famous American-French painter Marcel Duchamp, his daring abilities to test the limits of what is defined as art, and is my driving purpose behind my portfolio. Bend the rules and perspectives of others, so we can all be understood in a different light.

I have an extreme eye for detail, I have a strong understanding of completing projects on-time and how to handle multiple tasks at once. I love to be flexible with my team and teammates. I have advance knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, I have intermediate knowledge of print production, and editorial design, where I know how to prepare all files for printing and local advertisements. Experience in social media marketing and brand awareness. Intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap languages and wireframing. Certified specialist in Microsoft Office 2018. All in all, you can call me your multi-talented octopus of the digital world. I can do everything from sketching a logo to taking product photos for a local company website, and code the same website via WordPress or HTML.


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